Front-end animation plugin
for uncreative developers

luge Make your site a delight to use.
luge Engage people with smooth animation.

This is luge?

An easy-to-use timesaver that brings class animation to any website.

luge It’s simple and fast, and it gives every developer the chance to use animation on sites.

Junior and experienced developers (and everyone in between) will enjoy using luge.


site preloader
scroll reveal
scroll animations
page transitions
lottie player
smooth scroll
sticky elements
and this is just the start.

How doesit work?

Check this video to see how luge works.


Cross platform

luge works as a standalone plugin. Use it on any existing CMS, even e-commerce platforms.

No animation skill required

No learning how to animate, and no digging in CSS/JS files. Just use one of luge’s built-in animations and go.

Code less, do more

Imagine what animating a site in just a few minutes will do for your productivity! Even small, rushed projects can benefit massively from smooth luge animations.

Premium animation

Explore the complete range of ready-to-employ animation of luge marketplace. And wow your clients with premium creative animation.
Awesome quality

Go further

Use luge to interate your own animations, using gsap on your favourite animation library.

Step up.

luge is coming, so subscribe to make sure you get one before they run out (not really - but subscribe anyway).

Feeling flat?

luge Get luge beta on GitHub, test it and share your thoughts!